Word Nerd Tournament this Sunday!

Yes, that’s right, Sunday afternoon you’re invited to bring your very best words, and a competitive and friendly verve (v-e-r-v-e, that’s 4+1+1+4+1…), to YOUR little but lively library for a Word Nerd Tournament.

Think vocabulary. Think spelling. Think small wooden tiles on a board… Think cash prize for the final winner. Are you with me?

I hope so!

We’ll get started at 1pm–please call (988-6661) ahead so we can organize teams, and please bring $2 dollars to donate for snacks and $3 to pitch into the winner’s pot. Yes, this is a prize-winning opportunity based on your ability to use the tiles you draw to craft the very best vocabulary words and puzzle them onto your board!

We expect this first event to be a modest one, but if we see people are interested, we’ll hold more in 2020!