Comic Book Care Packs are Here!

Every year we’ve been fortunate to work with Gary of Oneonta’s Secret Comix Cave, and Gary provided us with lots of great, free comics for Halloween. Director Shannon and her husband and son dressed up for the evening and handed out candy and comics for the last two Halloweens–well, the two prior to this year. The comics are always at least as popular as candy ever thought about being!

But, this year, as we all know, was different. The library didn’t participate in Halloween, but Gary (always generous) still wanted us to have comics for the kids (and adults). So Director Shannon and her son went out to his shop on a recent Friday and brought back boxes of great reads! After skimming the content, Director Shannon placed the comics in age-level and reading-level packs (and included some other neat things too).

To pick up your selection of free comics that you can keep, contact the library and make an appointment to visit or do a curbside pick-up. You can call us at 988-6661 or reach out on Facebook (@HarrisLibrary).