Trying to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine?

Below are eight links we hope simplify the process.

These are some of the vaccine providers in the Otego/Otsego County area. Each provider updates information at different times throughout the week, so be prepared to look several times a week, or several a day. Some also require your insurance info, so have your cards/info ready. Some may also require you to have a free account first (Walgreens, Walmart, Price Chopper). Shannon has had the most luck getting family booked with the state site and CVS, almost always early in the morning. If you need help, give her a call at the library–she’ll do what she can for you. We’re all in this together!

Good luck!

1.) The NY state site gets updated pretty often. Click the link below, scroll down and hit “Get Started” and fill out the eligibility bit to get the ball rolling. 

2.) For 65+ living in New York: CVS. Click the link. Scroll down and select New York in the list of states to the right of the map. A pop-up will show you locations and if they are “Available” or “Fully Booked.” If you see a place you’re able to get to, click the red “Schedule an appointment now.”

3.) Otsego County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics: (There are clinics in our county that they share the availability of.)

4.) (If you are willing to drive to Ilion or Richfield Springs they may be the closest of the Kinneys.)

5.) (Some Walgreens are able to give some eligible parties the vaccine–you need a free online account with them first.)

6.) (Also, if you are willing to drive to Oxford, contact Bartle’s Pharmacy–they are friendly, responsive, and personable.)

7.) If you are 65 or older, Price Chopper may be an option for you:

8.) Rite Aid also is able to vaccinate certain groups. Go here to see if you are eligible ( then you’ll put in your zip code (or a nearby zip code, depending on how far you’re willing to drive) and see which stores show up. Then you select a store by clicking the button beneath it and clicking the button below the map. Sometimes it’s hard to scroll to that button under the map (the whole thing you need to see doesn’t fit well on some screens). There will either be a pop-up telling you there are no available appointments (so you have to scroll to the next store, hit “Select Store” there and click the button below the map again) or it will take you to a calendar with times available.