“It’s All Relative” Book Club Meeting

Did you read the book “It’s All Relative” by A.J. Jacobs? Come join us for a talk about the book on Saturday at 11am. A light lunch will be served, so please RSVP by calling the library at 988-6661.

“Everything Here is Beautiful” Book Club Meeting

If you’ve read Mira T. Lee’s book “Everything Here is Beautiful” and let the library staff know you’ll be attending (988-6661), you are certainly invited to join in on a discussion of the book and have some food that’s related to the story. Come join us for book discussions that never fail to be interesting!

World War II Book and Movie Club: THE MONUMENTS MEN

Join us for a last discussion on The Monuments Men book and a light lunch. Then, on the 20th we’ll watch the movie (and have a light lunch) and get our next book, the historical fiction book The Book Thief! Please call the library to let Shannon know you’ll be coming!

Sign Up! World War II Book & Movie Club with Light Lunch

Yes, it’s free. Yes, Shannon’s going to feed you, too. Come join us for our first-ever World War II-themed book and movie club! We’ll be reading a selection of acclaimed (and well-researched) books dealing with World War II, most, if not all, also having a movie we will view and compare with the book. As Shannon is currently doing her master’s degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, she is very familiar with the time period and a particular angle of the history. We will start with reading The Monuments Men and discussing one of the most significant art heists in history and the fact that we are still working to track down valuable works of art looted by the Nazis nearly 75 years ago!

POSTPONED UNTIL MARCH: World War II Book and Movie Club with Light Lunch

Did you know that next year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II? Join Library Director Shannon (whose current master’s degree work is in Holocaust and Genocide Studies and who has taught World War II topics previously) to kick off this unique book club in which we read a book, examine ancillary resources (like our own collection of Life magazines from the war’s early days), discuss the book, and watch a film based on the book. A light lunch of soup and salad will be offered. Participants must RSVP by 1 pm on Thursday 1/24.