Annual Basket Fundraiser

Call the library and make an appointment to come in and see this year’s baskets! They’re great! Special thanks to our great Board members who always come through for the library! Additional thanks to Otego Family Dentistry, Otsdawa Creek, and  Sun, Moon, and Earth for donating lovely baskets!

It’s Time for the Annual Basket Fundraiser!

Every year in December the Harris Memorial Library tries to hold its Annual Silver Tea in conjunction with our Annual Basket Fundraiser. This year, though, has brought new challenges with COVID-19. As a result, we aren’t able to hold the Silver Tea, but we’re doing our fundraiser, and the baskets are here!

Baskets are created and donated by the Board members and Director Shannon, and businesses that want to contribute (special thanks this year to Otego’s Sun, Moon and Earth, Otego Family Dental, and Otsdawa Creek Candles for jumping in). Director Shannon inventories, photographs, and then shares the baskets online, and people are invited to make an appointment to come in, see the baskets in person, and find out how to donate.

Follow us on Facebook (@HarrisLibrary) to see all the photos, request an appointment, or connect. Want an appointment without Facebook? Call the library at 988-6661.

Please support all our local businesses–and, if you haven’t already, check out the ones mentioned above!

Annual Silver Tea

From 2pm-4pm we’ll be having the Annual Silver Tea in the historic Harris Memorial House. Beverages and tasty treats will be available and there will be singing, volunteer recognition, and the announcing of this year’s basket winners!

The Annual Silver Tea: Sunday 12/8 at 2pm

We love our traditions and community here in Otego and the Annual Silver Tea is a great event to enjoy.

Due to concerns about some of our valued Senior community members not feeling safe driving at night, the time of the Tea is 2pm.

What exactly IS our Silver Tea? It’s a tradition started by Miss Dasa Harris (who once owned the Harris Memorial House and library property). We all gather together to enjoy tea and other beverages and delicious snacks in the historic Harris Memorial House (which is decked out in holiday splendor). The piano starts up (thanks to the nimble hands of Irmabelle Sheldon) and we sing a bit, thank our volunteers, and announce the winners of the Silver Tea Baskets. It’s all about kindness and good cheer and maintaining a sense of community and connectivity. Granted, it’s an old-timey thing, but some of the best things are sweet traditions that we can pass along.

Annual Silver Tea

The spirit of Annual Silver Tea is back, even if the complete original tea set is longer with us. From 4-pm-6pm join us in the decked out rooms of the Harris House and library for tea, snacks, the singing of festive songs around our piano, our annual basket raffle, and a Winter Wonderland themed art exhibit! Come experience the community feeling that the winter holidays should always bring us!