Color on the Porch! Zoo Animal Masks!

Join us on the porch and color your own zoo animal mask! This is great for our younger patrons, but masks are limited, and there are different types to choose from, so please reserve yours by calling the library at 988-6661. Masks (for over your nose and mouth) are required, as is a good attitude!

Doodle and Draw on the Porch!

Come join us on the porch to doodle and draw using your own designs or by taking inspiration from a variety of fun patterns we’ll have on-hand for you to look at. All ages and skill levels are welcome!

We’ll provide pencils, pens, crayons, and colored pencils for you to borrow, and we will provide each participant with a small notebook to keep.

Curiosity and masks are required.

Blackout Poetry: Great for Readers, Writers, & Artists of All Ages

Take control of a newspaper article’s words and make them beautiful and powerful through YOUR poetic interpretation of them. Great for writers, poets, and artists of all ages and skill levels–you only need to be able to read and use markers, pens, crayons, or colored pencils. Wear your mask and bring your adventurous spirit and creativity.

End of Summer Celebration: Magic, Memory and Animal Adventure!

Are you ready for some exciting magic and memory tricks, and to enjoy a visit from Animal Adventure? We sure hope so because we’re winding up our Summer Reading Program with a visit from The Amazing Great AND some of the curious creatures from Animal Adventure. We’ll have games in the backyard, stargazing, and popcorn,  so bring the family! And, if you participated in our Summer Reading Program make sure and turn in your Intergalactic Passport by noon on Saturday the 10th so Shannon can tally your points and award you prizes. We have so many prizes this year that EVERYONE who participated can win at least a couple cool things! The fun starts at 6pm, so make sure you’re ready to join us!