Summer Saturday Movie Line-Up Announced!

We just got our official permissions for our Summer Saturday Movie Nights!!! This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is “Tales and Tails”–so animals (real and imaginary) figure into a lot of the summer’s planning.

Movies will be shown in the library’s backyard, tickets will required (you can get them in advance at the library with your Harris Memorial Library card) and we suggest you bring a blanket to spread out, or lawn chairs, and probably some anti-mosquito stuff, too.

July 24th: Party Like a Princess, starting at 8pm

We are kicking things off with a “Princess” theme on July 24th. Before the first movie starts, we will have an activity or two that relate to the theme like decorating unicorn masks, paper crowns, and playing “Pin the Kiss on the Frog.” There will be snacks. If our Summer Saturday Movie Nights are beginning to sound a little bit like parties…that’s because they are. Last year was hard on everyone (we lost 3 patrons during the pandemic–and we’re a small library!) and because everyone’s doing their best to keep each other safe, healthy, and happy we want to celebrate the good things with our library patrons.

BUT. Seating is limited (yes, even outside) due to our movie contract, and activity supplies are limited, too, so please get your tickets from the library ASAP.

The 1st movie will be The Princess and the Frog (Disney, 2009, rated G), a fresh interpretation of the classic fairy tale. Watch the trailer here. “In this wondrous animated adventure, a prince is transformed into a frog and accidentally curses a beautiful princess with an amphibian form as well when he kisses her in an attempt to break the spell. The two then go on a wild journey through the bayous of Louisiana in hopes of finding a voodoo priestess who may be able to restore their true forms.”

The 2nd movie will be The Princess Bride (Twentieth Century Fox, 1987, rated PG), based on the novel by the same name. Watch the trailer here. “In this delightfully fractured tale, a grandfather reads a story about a beautiful young woman named Buttercup to his bored grandson. Then, the audience is magically transported into the tale, complete with villains, creepy creatures, and a love story.” This is a witty, snarky classic full of sword fights, friendships, and adventure. There are some darker themes (including death, loss, and revenge), so the PG rating is accurate.

If you don’t feel your young one(s) will do well with it, feel free to come for the activities, snacks, and the first movie, and then head home. We want you all to be comfy and happy!

July 31st: Embrace Strange Stories, starting at 8pm

We’ll be playing lawn games and will start the evening with Babe (Universal Pictures, 1995, G). Think of it as a differently-styled Charlotte’s Web. Watch the trailer here. “After being separated from his family, a young pig learns to herd sheep in an effort to save his own life.” This is a heartwarming story of how life can surprise you.

Over the Hedge (Universal Pictures, 2006, PG), “Delightful animated comedy about a crafty racoon who tricks his fellow forest creatures into helping him replace the food he stole from a mean bear.” Watch the trailer here.

August 7: Enjoy Some Silliness, starts at 8pm (Cancelled due to lack of ticket pick-up)

We’ll kick the night off with some activities including making construction paper Chinese lanterns, learning to use chopsticks, playing “Pin the Cookie on Po,” and maybe “Master Shifu Says.”

The 1st movie will be Kung Fu Panda (Universal Pictures, 2008, PG), “Jack Black voices Po, a portly panda who dreams of escaping the family noodle shop for a life of protecting the downtrodden with his paws of fury. Po’s chance comes when Master Oogway declares him the Dragon Warrior, destined to defeat the evil Tai Lung. Now he just has to learn to fight before Tai Lung arrives.” Watch the trailer here.

Ice Age (Twentieth Century Fox, 2002, PG) will be our 2nd movie of the night. “Prehistoric animals find a baby and attempt to reunite him with his tribe. Best Animated Feature nominee.”

August 14: Go Seaside during Shark Week!, starting 8pm

It’s Shark Week and we’re doing some fun and fishy activities before the night’s movies start! Our 1st movie will be Finding Nemo (Disney Pixar, 2003, G), “A clown fish searches for his missing son in this animated adventure, the winner of an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.” Watch the trailer here.

Our 2nd movie will be Moana (Walt Disney Pictures, 2016, PG), “From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” a sweeping CG-animated feature about an adventurous teenager who is inspired to leave the safety and security of her island on a daring journey to save her people.” Watch the trailer here.

August 21st: Dragon and Dinosaur Blast!, starting at 8pm

We started the summer partying like princesses, so we felt it was only right to wrap things up with some dragon tails…erm…tales. We’re going to do some great dinosaur- and dragon-related activities before the 1st movie starts, so make sure you’re on time and ready for fun!

Our 1st movie will be the recent release Raya and the Last Dragon (Walt Disney Pictures, 2021, PG), “A warrior named Raya is eager to discover the last dragon living in a realm called Lumandra.” Watch the trailer here.

Our 2nd movie will be How to Train Your Dragon (Universal Pictures, 2010, PG), “The son of a viking chief must capture a dragon in order to mark his passage into manhood and prove his worthiness to the tribe.” Watch the trailer here. Based on the popular series of novels.

If we get good turnout for these events, we’ll strongly consider doing similar things next summer, too.

Check Out our Summer Programs!

Have you taken a peek at our summer programs yet? Go ahead, click the link to the calendar! It’s filling up nicely–and we aren’t done yet. If you have questions about the activities or want to reserve a space for yourself or others, feel free to call the library (988-6661) and chat directly with Shannon. We’re excited to see you this summer, and start getting back to have fun with you all again!

Are You Masked and In Good Health? Then Come on In!

If you are a library patron, or hoping to become one, and you are in good health and properly wearing a mask, you may come to the library during our regular business hours to browse and borrow books. You may also participate in our summer programs–check out our calendar of events! Not everything is listed yet, and you’ll notice some events are missing key details (like WHAT movies we’re showing) but that will all be made known to you soon and we’re excited!

If you have questions, please call 988-6661 during our regular hours (Monday 11-5, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-4, Wednesdays 12-6, and Saturdays 9-12).

Why are we still asking you to wear masks (yes, we know “It’s SO 2020!”)? Because, the same way we pushed to protect our older patrons and our immune-compromised patrons, we are pushing to keep our youngest patrons (still not eligible for vaccines) safe while the Delta variant continues to rise. We all hope that masks will soon be a thing of the past, but we are trying to consider everyone’s safety and we VERY much appreciate your support.

If you are immune-compromised and would like to have curbside delivery of books to your car, Shannon is happy to make that work. We want everyone to be able to get books and participate as fully and safely as they can (and are comfortable doing).

We have missed your smiling faces, but we know those smiles are still there–just under your masks. 🙂

No-Contact Curbside Service Continues

The Board and Library Director are in agreement that, for now, the library will remain curbside-only, until we can reassess the COVID-19 numbers approximately two weeks following the end of spring vacations in our area.

What can you do with curbside?

Get books: audio, paperback, and hardcover. Get DVDs. Get CDs. Get photocopies. And, if you get your 4CLS library card (always free, and easy to get–just call Shannon to start the process) you can select all of those sorts of resources from any of the member libraries in the 4CLS system. Maybe we don’t have a resource you want. Maybe it’s not in our budget, or it’s winging its way to us–with a 4CLS card you can place a hold on some other library’s copy of that resource and have them send it to us.

Story Times still happen every Thursday at 10:30am, they’re just on our Facebook Live, not in person.

Really, almost all our regular services are available (strange times require flexible thinking) except for public computer usage, but we are working on solving that, too. Remember also that our wi-fi is accessible (and free) outside of the library. Rain or shine, day or night, pull into the first library parking space and you should have no trouble connecting.

So, although the library is unavailable for socializing (and we do miss all of you and look forward to a time doors are open again), most of our services are still easily accessible. If you have questions, call during our regular business hours for more information.

Lego and Duplo Kits to Be Added to Resources for Borrowing

Starting soon, Director Shannon will make available a limited number of Lego and Duplo kits patrons may borrow for home use. Some kits will be open-ended and themed (like our “Adventurer’s Kit”) and some will be more targeted/goal oriented (“Can You Make a Rescue Vehicle?”). Kits will also include at least one related book to read, and educational coloring/activity sheets for young participants.

Kits will be able to be viewed on our @HarrisLibrary Facebook page.

Trying to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine?

Below are eight links we hope simplify the process.

These are some of the vaccine providers in the Otego/Otsego County area. Each provider updates information at different times throughout the week, so be prepared to look several times a week, or several a day. Some also require your insurance info, so have your cards/info ready. Some may also require you to have a free account first (Walgreens, Walmart, Price Chopper). Shannon has had the most luck getting family booked with the state site and CVS, almost always early in the morning. If you need help, give her a call at the library–she’ll do what she can for you. We’re all in this together!

Good luck!

1.) The NY state site gets updated pretty often. Click the link below, scroll down and hit “Get Started” and fill out the eligibility bit to get the ball rolling. 

2.) For 65+ living in New York: CVS. Click the link. Scroll down and select New York in the list of states to the right of the map. A pop-up will show you locations and if they are “Available” or “Fully Booked.” If you see a place you’re able to get to, click the red “Schedule an appointment now.”

3.) Otsego County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics: (There are clinics in our county that they share the availability of.)

4.) (If you are willing to drive to Ilion or Richfield Springs they may be the closest of the Kinneys.)

5.) (Some Walgreens are able to give some eligible parties the vaccine–you need a free online account with them first.)

6.) (Also, if you are willing to drive to Oxford, contact Bartle’s Pharmacy–they are friendly, responsive, and personable.)

7.) If you are 65 or older, Price Chopper may be an option for you:

8.) Rite Aid also is able to vaccinate certain groups. Go here to see if you are eligible ( then you’ll put in your zip code (or a nearby zip code, depending on how far you’re willing to drive) and see which stores show up. Then you select a store by clicking the button beneath it and clicking the button below the map. Sometimes it’s hard to scroll to that button under the map (the whole thing you need to see doesn’t fit well on some screens). There will either be a pop-up telling you there are no available appointments (so you have to scroll to the next store, hit “Select Store” there and click the button below the map again) or it will take you to a calendar with times available.

Curbside Continues Through March

The library will continue to offer Curbside appointments through the month of March. You may contact Shannon at 988-6661 during our regular hours for an appointment, or message the library through Facebook. If you aren’t sure how to choose books through Curbside, it’s easy! Shannon can take requests of individual books, or make note of your preferred authors, or your preferred genres and she’ll curate a selection of books for you. Then we arrange a time for you to drive up and take delivery of your resources. It’s a bit like Christmas–you ask for what you want, and we try to give you what you want, or surprise you with something we think you’ll like.

Back to Curbside through February

Due to COVID-19 numbers, we have returned to curbside only. This does not limit your access to vital resources–call the library to request a 4CLS card, library books, large print books, DVDs, and audiobooks. Tune in to our Facebook page to watch weekly Story Times and other online programs. Call the library to arrange for an appointment to pick up resources!

It’s Time for the Annual Basket Fundraiser!

Every year in December the Harris Memorial Library tries to hold its Annual Silver Tea in conjunction with our Annual Basket Fundraiser. This year, though, has brought new challenges with COVID-19. As a result, we aren’t able to hold the Silver Tea, but we’re doing our fundraiser, and the baskets are here!

Baskets are created and donated by the Board members and Director Shannon, and businesses that want to contribute (special thanks this year to Otego’s Sun, Moon and Earth, Otego Family Dental, and Otsdawa Creek Candles for jumping in). Director Shannon inventories, photographs, and then shares the baskets online, and people are invited to make an appointment to come in, see the baskets in person, and find out how to donate.

Follow us on Facebook (@HarrisLibrary) to see all the photos, request an appointment, or connect. Want an appointment without Facebook? Call the library at 988-6661.

Please support all our local businesses–and, if you haven’t already, check out the ones mentioned above!

Comic Book Care Packs are Here!

Every year we’ve been fortunate to work with Gary of Oneonta’s Secret Comix Cave, and Gary provided us with lots of great, free comics for Halloween. Director Shannon and her husband and son dressed up for the evening and handed out candy and comics for the last two Halloweens–well, the two prior to this year. The comics are always at least as popular as candy ever thought about being!

But, this year, as we all know, was different. The library didn’t participate in Halloween, but Gary (always generous) still wanted us to have comics for the kids (and adults). So Director Shannon and her son went out to his shop on a recent Friday and brought back boxes of great reads! After skimming the content, Director Shannon placed the comics in age-level and reading-level packs (and included some other neat things too).

To pick up your selection of free comics that you can keep, contact the library and make an appointment to visit or do a curbside pick-up. You can call us at 988-6661 or reach out on Facebook (@HarrisLibrary).