Stuck at Home? Take an Ivy League Class–For Free!

As part of our commitment to help you continue learning and being entertained during the COVID-19 crisis, we are sharing a variety of virtual tours, educational resources, live camera experiences at zoos, and online story times.

Want to learn something new while you’re stuck at home? Law, the arts, history, engineering…you name it, it’s available! Open the door to glimpse an Ivy League level education!

Check out one of a wide variety of MOOCs–these are massive open online courses. Maybe you joined Shannon months ago in a workshop she offered teaching you how to find and maneuver your way through such things. Or maybe your time to figure it out is now. This is a link to one of many clearing houses for free online classes, these specifically being offered by the Ivy Leagues. Classes are often self-paced and without penalty for non-completion, so feel free to explore!

Public Meeting Regarding Library Proposition Vote on May 21st

You have questions, we have answers (in large part because that’s what libraries are for)! Want to know why the library’s pursuing stable and ongoing funding through a separate line item on the May 21st school ballot? Want to know how it will impact locals if it passes? Want to know what other libraries in the region have benefited from this model? Want to know more about the education law that has created this funding avenue for libraries? Want to know about the failing roof…or almost anything else library-related? Here’s your chance! Bring your questions and your ability to engage in civil discourse and we should all learn a lot by talking together!

Sign Up! World War II Book & Movie Club with Light Lunch

Yes, it’s free. Yes, Shannon’s going to feed you, too. Come join us for our first-ever World War II-themed book and movie club! We’ll be reading a selection of acclaimed (and well-researched) books dealing with World War II, most, if not all, also having a movie we will view and compare with the book. As Shannon is currently doing her master’s degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, she is very familiar with the time period and a particular angle of the history. We will start with reading The Monuments Men and discussing one of the most significant art heists in history and the fact that we are still working to track down valuable works of art looted by the Nazis nearly 75 years ago!