Story Times by Celebrities

Looking for more read-alouds to listen to? The LA Times recently shared a list of celebrities reading children’s books for special Story Times. Some of the individual links are below in case you can’t access the Times right now. Celebrities may also pitch their other work either before or after the reading, so please be aware there is technically commercial content.

Watch Jennifer Garner read The Mitten .

Watch Josh Gad read The Giving Tree (this book’s a personal favorite of Shannon and Anne’s–oh, the feels!). As a note, Josh does pitch his current show at the end.

Watch Molly Idle read Pearl about a mermaid. Molly does mention her other books at the beginning.

Watch Amy Adams read The Dinosaur Princess. As a note, Amy does make a pitch for her nonprofit in the beginning.

Rowboat Watkins reads his book Most Marshmallows.

Sarah Jacoby reads Forever and a Day.

You can follow the hashtag #OperationStoryTime on Instagram to find more people reading their books or a friend’s. And don’t forget, tomorrow we will have Story Time at the Library LIVE with Miss Anne through our Facebook Live Video feed (find us at @harrislibrary). Please tune in at 10:30am EST to hear two great stories read by our own Miss Anne!